Make your house clean and shiny

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The best in the market

Efficient cleaning

With the saw design on the roller brush can cut animal hair and prevent hair from getting tangled. It is composed of four-stage filters to block fine dust without power loss and with efficient filtration of fine dust


Powered by 2500mAh samsungLithium-ion battery to deliver fade-free suction up to 60 minutes, no needs to charge frequently

Modern display

The vacuum cleaner has a touchscreen display, which allows you to easily switch betweeen 3 modes: The standard mode, the AUTO mode and the Strong mode.

Everything falls into place

The combination between the cleaning modes, the different cleaning modes makes this the most all-round vacuum cleaner in the market.

Handy touchscreen display


I have had this vacuum for about 6 months and it has been great! I just bought a second to keep on the second floor of the house. Works awesome on hard floors and fair on carpet. Make sure to get washable replacement filters, you need to swap one out after each use to keep suction up.


I didn’t know what all the fuss was about this product, now I do. It’s really entertaining especially when quarantining. This thing actually works well and is able to make its way around my house, I love it! It helps me clean the stuff that I can’t get right away.

amazon customer

This robot vacuum has great cleaning power for animal hair, kiddo crumbs, and daily dirt clean up. Easy clean out filter. Does get stuck under furniture and on some slightly higher edges but all around great!